As a devout musician I tend to be bias in life choices and lean toward musical situations. I spend a great deal of my time creating and/or listening to music. So it was of no surprise that when I heard the HONK Festival was taking place in a nearby Boston neighborhood that I would attend. My thoughts were in the line of music + message = fun!

It was a perfect fall day to attend a street festival in Somerville, MA. Although I had no idea what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised. The streets were blocked off in the center of town where the festival was taking place. As I approached the designated area I found the crowd filled streets to be  musically mesmerizing.

The musicians who attend the festival play instruments that are typically played in what is commonly referred to as Marching Bands but make no mistake, there is nothing common happening at the HONK Festival. The true nature of this musical extravaganza is a delightful mix of music, community, and activism. The foundation of the festival is based on a genuine sense of community, as it is organized and run on an all-volunteer basis, including the musicians. I need say no more except please watch the video and you will no doubt find yourself attending the next Honk Festival.