The Blues

I's Just a Swamp Thing

“The Drummer” is a combination of story and song that strings together local musicians, ceremony, ancestral lineage, and the Lakota legend of the drum. My perspective on writing and piecing the additional elements of this story together was twofold: first, by telling a story of local musicians; and second, exposing the ever-presence of ancestral-ceremony. Narrative: Tere Kipp and Rex Bunnell. Drum & Song: Rex Bunnell. Heart of America written and sung by Coby Carlucci. Legend of the Drum - traditional Lakota legend.

  Memories of Nana is a combination of story and orginal songs that embrace my southern roots
(Dear Jesus lead vocals sung by Coby Carlucci – cowritten by Tere Kipp and Coby Carlucci).