The day I was born I brought the understanding of song along with me into this world. I chose not to travel lightly as my suitcase overflowed with soulful lyrics and melodies that I have carried for lifetimes. Although my baggage may be heavy at times, I dare not leave anything behind because all those songs, all those melodies, and all those sweet harmonies, they are the very best of me.                                                                                                                  Tere Kipp  




“Born to sing” sounds so cliche. Yet, I believe we’re created with a specific intention, and when allowed, life will support that intention by providing possibilities for its growth. So my intention happens to be singing. I LOVE many things in life, such as being a mom and grandmother, having furry babies, cooking, gardening, living in the country, listening to the ocean, and yes, singing. BUT loving something and inherently being something are two entirely different things.  


A Lifetime of Intentional Growth

began singing/performing (with my grandfather) as a young girl – sang in school choirs – became a folk singer – worked as a vocalist/studio musician -sang lead for blues, rock, and original music – began performing a cappella music – founded and directed a woman’s community choir and local youth choir – continue to mentor young singers – continue to write and sing original music – continue to create original music video’s

 So here I am now nearing the end of this life and although it has been filled with an array of necessary lifetime stuff, the one constant throughout it all has been singing. Hence, born to Sing! 

“And when my dying day it comes, just know I found peace in every song I’ve ever sung”

                                                                                                                        Tere Kipp