As an individual who has enjoyed a lifetime of weaving creative endeavors into the fabric of my being, I must admit I look forward to the coming of the New Year and its insistence of renewal. As Father Time beckons us to forge ahead and begin anew, I am graced with inner permission to continue on my creative journey.

So how exactly does “beginning anew” manifest into the life of an artist/musician who continually creates new projects? Well, it varies depending on the situation, it could be an inspiration, or perhaps impulse, maybe intuition, and sometimes even need. However, from an artist/musician perspective, I believe that most often inspiration triggers creative impulse, and that is where it begins.

Sometimes artists/musicians are commissioned to do projects that are specifically governed by designated subject matter. In this type of situation, I find that the initiation of inspiration must sometime be conjured up like the magic spell from the potion mix of the cauldron. Yet, I suppose the artist who is commissioned to paint a portrait need not conjure much at all. Once inspiration begins to flow, imposition no longer exists, as the creative energy source that typically channels through the artist/musician automatically takes hold.

During the creation process, nothing fully exists to the artist/musician that is not directly connected to the completion of their project. Although they may eat, drink, and be merry, their artistic heart and soul is bound to the actualization of their vision into this reality. 

Once the creative endeavor is complete and fulfillment and satisfaction is at hand and a sense of creative relaxation is right around the corner, one would think a sigh of relief is in order. Let me assure you, this is never the case in the life of an artist/musician. For it is the breath of that very sigh that will fan the inner fire of their creative soul and thus once again find themselves beginning anew.