It is central to the culture of indigenous people on this planet to acknowledge that we share existence with all things in creation and therefore, all things related are identified as “all our relatives”. Individuals who view life within a linear reality, may find this rational hard to comprehend and perhaps a bit outlandish. Yet, those of us who look to the depth and inner windings of presence accept this as truth.

The spirit of all life on this planet also referred to as life itself, is united in consciousness. This is a certainty that simply cannot be denied.  The modern world chooses to identify and separate consciousness into various intensities that include levels of superiority and intellect, as well as levels of assuming and/or unpretentious existence. Although understandable in the 21st century, I believe this rational of thinking is better served when coupled with the acknowledgement of oneness as the root of natural existence. 

Personally for me, there is graciousness in embracing this view of presence. I place trust in the principle belief of common bond existence. I find comfort in looking to the spirit of what holds my life in place. As I look back through the course of my entire life, I realize my willingness to embrace the oneness of life itself has always been my story.

Many years ago, an early morning rainbow appeared in the lower field behind our new house. My young son and I went down to find the “pot of gold” at the rainbow’s end. As we ran about the field laughing and chasing the elusive promise, the closer we got to the illuminating colors the further it would slip away. Suddenly my son elated with joy shouted out, I FOUND IT!

He was standing off the edge of the field in what appeared to be an open area in the woods. This area clear of all forest brush and trees had exposed ledge that appeared as stepping-stones that lead into a natural circle. As I approached him he was looking down at a large white heart shaped rock ledge, which was laced with golden mica. The surrounding area in the circle was draped with green hues of soft inviting moss that enhanced the sparkle and glow of the mica chips in the morning sun.  His four-year-old adaptive mind had reconfigured the findings to fit the situation, as he stated, “there it is… the heart of gold”.

From that day on throughout the next twenty-plus years the heart of gold in the backfield became my sacred ground. Housed by the four directions, with the ever-changing décor of the four seasons, this place became my home in the woods down off the backfield. I found solace in connecting with the elements of nature in the circle; it was as if I had been given a place to retreat where truth hung out and all could be well with my world (even if only temporarily). The trees, the moss, the heart shaped ledge, the sparkling interlaced mica, the flowers, the birds, the bugs, mother earth, and father sky all became my dearest companions and confidants… my relatives.

 Over the years I spent countless hours at the heart of gold writing, singing, praying, listening to music, dancing, doing yoga, meditating, and sometimes just relaxing. Whether I was alone or with my children, my friends, my animals (dogs, cats, goats, horse, or turkey), woodland creatures, or a woman’s moon lodge gathering, all were always welcomed by the relatives. I realize this may all seem so spiritually cliché but realistically speaking that circle in the woods had a profound effect on my life.

 Eventually I moved on and left the physical circle in the woods behind. Yet to this very day, I carry the essence of its presence within me wherever I go. It is said that no one has ever found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and although that may be so; on that early morning many years ago, my son found a heart of gold at the rainbow’s end and undoubtedly a mystical welcoming mat… to the home of all my relatives.